Jira Fundamentals

Get solid foundation of Jira

Course Overview

Jira is one of the most popular tool in the market. Many organisations use it for collaboration, planning, tracking, reporting and delivering work. This course will give you a solid understanding of Jira.

Duration: 3 hours

Course Objective

- Get solid foundation of Jira.
- Learn how it works.
- What Jira is not?
- Understand key features of the tool.
- Get familiar with Jira interface.
- The objective of this course get a solid introduction to Jira.

This should be your very first course in your Jira learning path.

Course Prerequisite

Just curiousity is needed to learn about Jira fundamentals.

- Some experience of project management methodologies would be helpful.
- Any experience of similar tools would also help.
- Don't worry if you never worked on Jira before.

Target Audience

- Project Managers
- SCRUM Masters
- Product Managers
- Programme Managers
- Software Developers
- Jira Administrators
- Atlassian Consultants

Basically anyone who wants to use the tool to manage their work or manage projects or anyone who is responsible for making plans.

Course Curriculum

Ravi Sagar

Principal Consultant and Founder at Sparxsys Solutions. Author of Mastering Jira  books.

Course Pricing

GBP 10


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